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We are recognized by our customers as a team that is honest, conscientious, and always attentive to their needs, a team that they would without hesitation recommend for their seriousness, their empathy and their efficiency.

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Marc Gobeil

Expertises : family law and family mediation

Me Marc Gobeil, an experienced lawyer and accredited family mediator in whom you can trust, offers his services in family law, in particular in matters of divorce, legal separation, custody and access rights of children, child support, alimony between the spouses and the division of property following a marital breakdown.

Bilingual, it serves French and English-speaking customers.

Do not hesitate to contact Me Gobeil for personalized legal advice in your case.

Our skills

Solving complex problems

Every day, we are confronted with information that is sometimes complex and that our brain presents to us in a simpler way. This can create a mismatch or problems that our firm will be happy to resolve with you in the way that is most convenient.


If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to get what we have always done. We strive to innovate with our critical mind to offer solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.


Your goals will be ours and we will try through collaborative work to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. We will bring our expertise which, adapted to your experience and your factual knowledge, we will give the means to enable us to advise or defend you effectively.

Service excellence

Our firm will always listen to your needs and seek to determine your expectations throughout the process. We seek to offer you a unique, rewarding, and empathetic experience with our firm but above all to offer you the service that our customers want. Excellence and quality, our priorities.


Mediation is a mode of conflict resolution which calls upon an impartial mediator, who intervenes with the parties to help them negotiate a fair and viable agreement, meeting the needs of each of the parties and those who depend on and making it happen. subject to free and informed consent.

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